On the hillsides above Chamberlain's Ranch and the start of the Zion Narrows thru-hike are thousands of undeveloped acres. Nestled in the gamble oak, pinyon-juniper forest, and 60 mile views is your groups private yurt - an amazing treat to spend the night before your Narrows Thru-hike or your Zion Guru Canyon Quest.

The Zion Backcountry Yurt is a comfortable, beautiful structure that caters to a variety of people and lifestyles. One of our best features is the solitude and exposure to Mother Nature. Here, you won't find quiet hours, disruptive campers, or noise and light pollution. The yurt provides the ultimate experience for those willing to go off the grid, off the main road, and into the backcountry. This space is where the tourist crowds disappear and the rugged, raw beauty of Zion's upper plateau appears.

The yurt accommodates up to 9 adults, so whether you are a large group or a single soul, you can make the yurt a base camp to do all of your Southern Utah backcountry exploring!

To learn more and book your stay, visit us @ GlampingHub