We Are Hiring 

Zion Guru is seeking new staff to thoughtfully grow the organization in a sustainable, enriching way.

For the 2019 season we are hiring outfitting staff for our Springdale location. Retail staff help educate and inspire visitors on the many hiking and visitation opportunities in Zion.  This is a very rewarding role, but requires great public speaking skills, intimate knowledge of Zion NP and the Guru products, attention to detail, savvy computer skills, and a strong commitment to learn and grow.

We are hiring assistant and lead guides at this time. It is a prerequisite that you have previous commercial guiding experience. Commercial guiding experience includes work in which you have been paid as a guide and your clients paid money to be on the trip. This often excludes school outdoor club guiding experience, leading friends, church groups, and volunteer work. Those work experiences are valuable but those alone do not automatically guarantee applicants have experience managing a trip with paying clients. We are always open to applicants who have previous canyoneering or climbing guiding experience and are looking to grow into a NamaGuide role for our adventure and scenic tour product lines. Please send a separate email to discuss if this is your desire.

Please provide us some information to begin your career inquiry with Zion Guru. We recommend preparing your information in a word processing program to catch grammar, spelling, and typos, then paste into the form.  We peruse many submissions, but are captivated by those represented with well thought answers and attention to detail. 

All applications will be responded to even if we don't have a job opening available for you.